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Principal Data Engineer-SCM

上海, 中国 职位 ID: 3100051


我们寻找的人才热衷解决复杂的现实问题、搭建世界一流的解决方案,并使数百万人生活受益。 在Coupang,开发人员互相学习 - 我们分享知识、互相激励,提出创意 - 并迅速采取行动,共同创造深远的影响。 随着公司的成长,你还将有机会应对随之出现的大规模的挑战。 这包括构建内部技术,引入新的移动端架构,以及通过机器学习和深度学习创造新的可能。 我们热忱邀请你,和我们共创一个新世界,让我们的顾客无法想象,“如果离开了Coupang该如何生活?


  • 灵活适应
  • 自主创新
  • 积极主动
  • 团队合作
  • 解决问题
  • 目标导向
  • 思维敏捷


职位 ID 3100051 发布日期 05/17/2021 地点 上海, 中国

Coupang is reimagining the shopping experience with the goal of wowing each customer from the instant they open the Coupang app to the moment an order is delivered to their door.

Powered by an outstanding end-to-end e-commerce and logistics network and a fanatical culture of customer centricity, Coupang has broken tradeoffs around speed, selection and price. Today, we provide exceedingly fast shipping speeds on millions of items including fresh groceries, delivered within hours nationwide, 365 days a year.

We are doing this for millions of consumers in Korea. Korea is home to one of the largest and fastest growing e-commerce opportunities anywhere in the world.. 


Job Overview: 

As our____Principal Data Engineer_____ for ____SCM Team___, you will be responsible for operational reporting and insights to make our consumer experience world-class. 



  • Develop and implement data input / output monitoring approach that can apply to our time-sensitive, big data environment
  • The system needs to provide RCA and issue reason track link to help us find the issue data and fix it ASAP. 
  • Develop self-service tools that serve for internal and external user 
  • Responsible for local or cloud infra change and setup some CI or other tools that depend on Coupang new requirements 
  • Provide data modeling expertise to optimize data retention and availability at scale
  • Up-level team’s best practices for dealing with large scale data
  • Introduce apache edge tech to enrich our monitor arch.  


Basic Qualifications:

  • 5+ years of experience in monitor system developing like data quality monitor or system monitor   
  • Strong fundamentals in Python Java, Linux, OO design, data structures, algorithm, problem-solving and complexity analysis 
  • Experience in data profiling tools and service monitor systems, like Griffin, Prometheus or Grafana and so on. 
  • Experience in data monitor and other data quality system 
  • familiar with container tech and big data cycle tech, like Docker, spark, Flink  
  • Passionate about learning new technology,especially Apache Edge tech for monitor system. 
  • Good logical ability, have a certain sensitivity to data   
  • Nice to have knowledge about cloud, like AWS or Azure 



  • 软件工程师(个人贡献者 vs.经理)
  • 软件工程师
  • 技术项目经理
  • 产品经理
  • 技术招聘专员



  • 工作时间灵活

  • 开放环境

  • 团队旅游

  • 合作顺畅

  • 国际交流